Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Madman Diaries: Blood, Blade, Balloon teaser photos

Yesterday finally marks a new chapter in my journey as an animation student. For the next few months I will be working on what I usually call my "production marathon". Yes... for animators like myself, you can't really just get away from your projects just like that and move on to another. For me, I really have to do my thing not just to get through it but to execute whatever it is with all my passion, hard work and of course just the right amount of skills.

Now, I'm pleased to present through this blog my official work-in-progress teaser art works from my thesis project, "Madman Diaries: Blood, Blade, Balloon" which is set to be released this December 2013.

Madman Diaries: Blood, Blade, Balloon teaser photo 1 "ONE GLANCE"
 As Finn faces the ghost of his own past, he shall survive the madness inside him.

                     Madman Diaries: Blood, Blade, Balloon teaser photo "A CHILD'S PLAY"

   Young Lee Baek Yeol (Finn) and young Lee Wang Kyu on their last day together as twins in the streets of London.

Voiced by my friend Young Soo Shin.

I'll try my best to open a new blog soon. But this time, it would serve as a production blog for this animated project :)

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