Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guardians of Exo Planet

Today is January 9 2013, exactly 10 days before Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert here in the Philippines. I'm so excited to see my idols perform in one huge stage. And as a tribute, let me share these EXO fan arts I did last year during their debut song promotions "Mama".

For this set, I used a slightly anime-ish and at semi-realistic art style to carry the concept and the distinction of each member well. And aside from me, being not so used with drawing anime characters anymore, I also used this kinda vectorized art style in contrast to digital air brushing which was my comfort zone way before I did this. :)

This is my ULTIMATE EXO bias, Byun Baekhyun with his light powers as guardian of Exo Planet. Baek is the main vocalist of Exo and is often called "Bacon" by international fans. He is also known as the Guyliner of the group due to his exemplary talent on putting eyeliner on himself :)

        This is Park Chanyeol producing flame bursts as a guardian of fire.  He is the main rapper of Exo and is also one of the most exposed members because of his appearance with some Girls' Generation music videos.

Lastly, this is the very aDERPable Do KyungSoo or D.O. as fans call him with his supernatural ability to control earth or land. He is the main vocalist of Exo alongside BaekHyun.

Hope you like them. Until my next post :)

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