Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Creatures of 'Guild of Keepers' Part 1

 I've been doing some serious world building lately for a story I call 'Guild of Keepers'. I created the characters in back in 2006 and since then a lot has evolved in terms of story, design, environment and the like. It wasn't even called 'Guild of Keepers' back then. Anyway, here are some studies I made for some creatures that would play minor roles to this mythology. These creatures are only part of just one realm. There are other realms in this story which I kind of treat like a comic book universe or something.

Ogre Bear
These bears live near the mines which holds powerful gems and stones. They are vicious and trick-masters when it comes to making deals. 

Pixie Potts
These fairies may not be as big and powerful as the regular ones but they are responsible for planting mystical flowers that can heal the sick and restore balance to nature.

Dragon Worms
These tiny little dragons can't breath fatal flames or even fly but their race is one of the smartest of all the realm and serve as book worms to those who seek knowledge of the mystic force. 

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