Wednesday, November 5, 2014

'Madman Diaries' Marketing Collateral

These are some marketing collateral I did last year for my short film 'Madman Diaries: Blood,Blade, Balloon'. Thankfully, this film made it as one of the finalists of my school's annual Benilde Animation Festival. Now it was just announced that this film is an official finalist for Animahenasyon 2014 which is one of the biggest and most participated animation competition here in the Philippines.

DVD front and back covers.

CD cover for the soundtrack. 

These were the actual CD cases.

A special edition of the film DVD was given to my thesis panel which includes a 2014 planner. Well, the packaging itself WAS a planner. 

A few more collateral designs, 

Tarpaulin Design.

And finally, a poster to the premier of Madman Diaries which was a part of a music production's class gala event where live bands performed and the short film collaborations as well as music videos were played.

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